The Game

Game ScreeniPHow to play CAHELO – Tap The Tile

Cahelo is a tile-based indie game. Cahelo derivates from the Esperanto word for tile.  Tap The Tile tells you clearly what to do: just tap on the tile!

The one you have to tap must be identical to the one tile in the top bar. That´s all!

But then again, it’s not THAT easy. The given tile can change its shape, color and size while playing. Once you spot an identical tile on the game field, you have to be quick and tap on it.



Game Screen1Challenging levels

The speed of animation will increase with higher levels as well as the animation style (horizontaly, verticaly or randomly).

The number of tiles you have to tap will increase as well. In other words, there are many chances to fail!





Levelselection_neu1Levels of Cahelo

Cahelo is played in level mode. Each level game is a level and each level is played in a different world. Each world has its own characteristics and rules.

You can replay any level any time, not only when you lose, but also if you want to improve your score in levels that you have finished already.


With the free CAHELO Level Creator you can design your own levels and play them immediately. All settings in the game are available to you and you are welcome to play around with them as you wish.

As an indie game CAHELO – Tap The Tile is available for free on the AppStore and Goolg Play. All features and levels of the game are available for free. Even the demo version of Level Creator is free!

You only pay when you upgrade to Level Creator Pro, which allows you to save any level you have created and replay them any time.