The Mission

CAHELO’s mission is color blindness support

CAHELO – Tap The Tile is easy to learn. All you have to do is to tap on an object on the game field that has exactly the same size and color as the one highlighted on the screen.

Sounds easy? It is, but only if you see colors correctly! According to statistics color vision deficiency affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women in the world.*

What we do

CAHELO is all about colors. You can enjoy the game play and master the levels only if you are not color blind. That is the nature of the game. Just don’t forget that millions of people are not able to play it and share the excitement and fun with you. But the good thing is: you can support them by playing CAHELO and you can change their lives!

How we do it

Download and install CAHELO for free from the app store or google play. All levels are free to play and you don’t have to buy any upgrade features for the game itself! Only if you like, you can buy the CAHELO Level Creator through in-app purchase. With this tool you can create your own levels, customize them and share them with other players. You can also get ratings and reviews for your levels.

We collect payments from in-app purchases and allocate the net revenue to equipe color blind people with eyewear and other products that are specially designed and manufactured to serve their needs.

Who we support

CAHELO is currently in the process of establishing a worldwide network that contains of blogs, social media groups, forums, companies and research institutions with focus on color blind issues. People who join the network as a registered member can submit requests and ask for support as well as equipment that they need.

Depending on the urgency and scope of the request we will nominate individuals for the CAHELO color blind support programm.

If you want to test the prototype, write to cahelo.ttt(at) or office(at)


*If you are affected, you probably have been color blind since birth. It is caused by a gentic condition and passed down from parents to children by the X chromosome. For a male to be colour blind the fault only has to appear on his X chromosome whereas a female must carry the information on both for her X chromosomes. This is the reason why more men are affected than women.